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Dynamic Inventory Ads

Put your current New and Used vehicle inventory in front of local buyers searching for the specific vehicles you have in stock right now!


When someone leaves your website, put the actual vehicle they viewed, and similar vehicles you have in stock, right back in front of them…


Feature New AND Used vehicles with branded VIDEO that updates pricing Daily. When a vehicle sells, it’s automatically replaced!

Inventory Ads

Inventory ads are no longer limited to remarketing. You can now target VIN-specific ads to shoppers who are looking for the specific type of vehicle you have in stock.

Don’t wait until they are on a competitor’s site. Put the vehicle they’re looking for in front of them, and turn them into first party traffic on YOUR dealership site.

Drive highly targeted buyer traffic directly to your specific VDPs

Replace generic “Big Sale” ads, with ads promoting the actual vehicles you have in stock, to buyers who are looking for that type of vehicle

Increase sales while saving big money by not wasting your advertising dollars on people who are not in the market for the vehicles you have available


No matter how good your website is, most of your traffic won’t convert into a lead the first time around. 

Bring buyers back by putting the specific vehicle they showed interest in back in front of them.

First, a potential buyer visits your website and begins to show interest in specific vehicles

Once they leave your site, they see ads of the vehicles they looked at, along with similar ones

Buyers are repeatedly driven back to your VDP pages. End result? Increased sales!


The high cost of video production has always made it next to impossible to advertise your Used vehicle inventory on TV and in video ads.

Not anymore! With Dynamic Video ads, used vehicles, price drops and more can now ALL be featured in your video ads.

Just like Dynamic Inventory Ads, Dynamic Video ads are updated daily, with current vehicle pricing, images and information.

Your Dynamic Video ads will display specific in-stock models to in-market buyers for those exact vehicles

Custom videos can be produced quickly to promote Sales and Events


Save Thousands in video production costs and avoid lengthy video turnaround time


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