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In order for Dynamic Inventory Ads, Dynamic Remarketing and Dynamic Video to work, there are a number of things that have to happen. A custom inventory feed that scrapes your site every night needs to be set up, a Facebook remarketing pixel needs to be placed on your specific VDPs, and custom video templates need to be created and linked to your inventory feed. If all that sounds familiar, nice job staying ahead of the curve! If not, let’s talk!

DirectFire Digital offers solutions for Tier 3 automotive dealer Sales teams in the form of our Dynamic Inventory Ads, Dynamic Remarketing and Dynamic Video on Facebook and Instagram. More info about these solutions can be found on our Home Page. We also have opportunities available for your Service Department. Just ask!

While we absolutely work to accommodate as many of our Dealer Partner’s needs as possible, our solutions and systems were designed and put into place because of the experience we have in these areas. If you have questions about whether we offer something you don’t see mentioned on our site, click here.

It’s true, our pricing is very competitive. We know all to well that the average marketing and advertising agencies bake in some pretty substantial margins. Either that or jack up your ad spend just to meet a certain threshold. That’s not how we do things here. Our fees and ad spends are based on your market size.

Of course! We are happy to provide screenshots of your ads and even submit for pre-approvals, to ensure that all of your ads run with DirectFire Digital adhere to OEM brand guidelines and get you the most Co-Op dollars back!

The initial contract term with DirectFire Digital is 60 days, so we have time to customize your solutions, build your audiences, review your results and work to make it all even better over time. After that, contracts become month-to-month, with cancellation only 5 business days prior to the next billing cycle.

Signing up to discuss solutions for your dealership with DirectFire Digital is as simple as clicking here to schedule a 15-minute call with our Dealer Partner Team Leader. You are also welcome to give us a call directly at (918) 977-3401.

After agreeing to work with DirectFire Digital, it takes approximately 10 business days to get your dealer solutions ready and live. This is the standard turnaround time.

Not much! We don’t need access to your inventory feed or the back-end of your website; however, we do ask that you send us your CRM data during the initial campaign set up and your sales reports once a month. While these items are not required, they help contribute to the effectiveness and perceived ROI of your DirectFire Digital solutions.

Reporting is provided around the 10th of every month. Assuming you are providing us with an end-of-month sales report, this gives us time to crunch the numbers against Facebook’s data to give you the most accurate look into how DirectFire Digital helped impact your bottom line.

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